Who we help

Horizon Early Childhood Intervention aims to provide service to families with children from birth until eight years of age who:

  • have a diagnosed developmental delay or disability; or
  • have a significant delay in two (2) or more areas of development*;
  • require specialised services without which it is likely that developmental milestones may not be achieved and/or a disability (or significant delay) may result;
  • families with NDIS packages;
  • reside within the Local Government Areas of Tamworth and Liverpool Plains.

The disability must be diagnosed by a Paediatrician, General Practitioner or related health professional.

* The following are the developmental domains which children encompass:

  • Gross Motor Skills: These skills refer to the performance of tasks which involve large movements.
  • Fine Motor Skills: These skills refer to the performance of tasks which involve small muscle movements of the hands.
  • Social / Emotional Skills: This refers to the child’s ability to make sense of their world. To develop peer relationships, play skills and coping skills.
  • Cognitive Skills: This refers to the inner processes and products of the mind that lead to learning and acquiring knowledge. Cognition includes all mental activities such as – remembering, problem solving, categorizing, creating, fantasizing and symbolising.
  • Expressive and Receptive Language Skills: Receptive language is the ability to understand words and concepts and use this to follow instructions. Expressive language is the ability to use words and gestures to communicate.

Service provision is needs-based and decided on a non-discriminatory basis

Where limited vacancies are available at Horizon ECIS, priority will be given to (listed in priority order):

  1. Families with children with a significant/complex disability or developmental delay not receiving program/support from other services.
  2. Families with children aged between 0-3 years of age; consideration will also be given in regard to the level of support a family is already receiving.
  3. Families with children aged 3-5 years of age not receiving programs and support from other services, with a specific focus on children a year prior to school being linked to services.

Services for Children aged 5-8 years

Early Childhood Education is our core business. Services provided to children in the school system are very much a consultative model with the infants school-based educators. It is our aim to provide targeted education programs and resource opportunities to schools rather than direct support to children within the school settings.

Transition to school for Horizon clients remains a key focus. This is a planned and directly supported model of service where Horizon Educators directly support children within their school settings for a negotiated period of time.