Our Services

Horizon Early Childhood Intervention Service is a community based, not-for-profit organisation servicing families in the Tamworth and Liverpool Plains Local Government Areas. Horizon is division of ‘House with No Steps’.  Horizon largely provides Early Childhood Intervention Services to children and families. For descriptions of these services please see below.

When a child is enrolled in our Early Childhood Intervention Program their family has the opportunity to choose one or more of the following services to support their child. This will be discussed at enrolment and reviewed regularly throughout the program as goals and priorities change.

Children accessing our services mainly come into services as a NDIS funded child with a package for early intervention they wish to access. Some children, a minority, will access services under a fee for service model.

Program Description/Services offered include

Intervention Support: This service involves a Horizon staff member visiting, transitioning, or supporting a child attending mainstream Preschool, Long Day Care or Family Day Care. These visits aim to ensure the service is being inclusive to all children and to support the implementation of the child’s Individual Education Plan.

Homevisits: This service is provided to families mainly with very young children, families with transport issues, or families who require support to set up specific programs within their homes. T

Transition to School or Early Childhood Services: Families requiring support and guidance to enter either the school system or an Early Childhood service may choose to receive transition support. Our aim throughout this is to assist planning, funding submissions, visits and orientation into the new setting. This time of change is often stressful for both the family and the child and it is important to have relevant services for support.

Team Meeting Coordination: At Horizon we have a strong commitment to family centred practice. As a reflection of this commitment we encourage and support families to regularly meet with their Early Intervention “team” to discuss new issues, concerns or goals they hope the team will work towards. We support families through this process by organising meetings and distributing meeting notes as required.

Playgroup: Horizon coordinates a ‘Connect and Play’ group which involves both children and a parent/caregiver. This is an open playgroup for all children in our community with a particular focus on supporting inclusion of children with additional needs into our group. This group currently runs on Tuesday mornings, school terms, 9:30-11am. Cost is $2 per session. It is facilitated by two Early Intervention Teachers who set up a range of indoor and outdoor play experiences for the children who attend. The teachers are also happy to include therapy-based strategies to support children to participate.

Local Service Information: Some families who have children with delays in their development or a disability, will simply access our service for information or referral to other local services. We aim to support families in gaining an awareness of what services are available for their family in the community. By providing this knowledge, families will make more informed and appropriate choices regarding their child’s education and development.

Project Development/Workshop Coordination: We work collaboratively with other services or on an individual basis, to support the inclusion into mainstream settings of children with disabilities or developmental delays and their families.  These projects may include training events, joint ventures, networking opportunities and resource development.

Complaints and Feedback

If you are not happy, or are very happy, with any part of our service, you have the right to complain or feedback to us. We welcome any complaints, feedback or suggestions. This feedback helps us to provide a better service to the families and service providers we work with. Please see link below for a summary of our Complaints and Feedback Policy.

Complaints and Feedback Policy Summary