Our Philosophy

 Mission Statement:

 “Working with your family through the journey of early childhood intervention”

To provide an accessible and high quality Early Childhood Intervention Service through collaboration and coordination of services and resources.

 Our Goals

  • Promote the optimal growth and development of infants and preschoolers with disabilities and/or developmental delays.
  • Provide children with a safe and happy environment, where children develop independence and a feeling of self-worth.
  • Empower, support and inform families by providing a quality family centred service.
  • Advocate for children, families and Early Childhood Intervention services.
  • Maintain a high and visible profile in the community. Provide innovative, flexible service options for families and their community.
  • Actively collaborate and network with other service providers to enhance choice and optimise outcomes for families.
  • Provide a range of support for Early Childhood Professionals and the community at large to foster meaningful inclusion of children across all settings.